Oh happy trend feature: The Maxi Skirt

Maxi 1 Maxi 2

Maxi 3 Maxi 5

  • Image 1: https://shop.marketpublique.com/item.php?id=9875
  • Image 2: http://www.neatobonito.com/2013/04/wear-diy-floral-maxi-skirt.html
  • Image 3: http://melissaesplin.com/2012/08/handmade-style-floral-maxi-skirt/
  • Image 4: http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5023/5616324472_af879ab671_z.jpg

My style inspiration so far this summer is the maxi skirt! The maxi skirt is the perfect staple for this time of year, when the days can reach a sweltering heat but the evenings bring a cool breeze. I particularly love it in a floral pattern, which, paired with its flowing shape, creates a romantic appeal.


What I love most about the maxi is that it’s easy to thrift or make by hand if you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious or more creative.  Like many trends, the maxi is retro and can be sourced out second-hand. Check out this pretty one I found at my local SPCA thrift store (for a whopping $3!):


Some things to keep in mind when thirft-shopping a maxi: it doesn’t have to be off-the-rack-perfect! If the pattern shows potential, you can always make little edits to create a unique and tailored piece for yourself. Consider replacing the buttons, giving the trim a little lace detail, or re-hemming the skirt into a trendier hi-lo style. I find that the more I personalize an item to fit my own style and figure, the more I love wearing it.


If hunting for a maxi in just the right pattern at a thrift shop is not your thing, you can also make your own quite easily. I found this tutorial with simple cut-and-sew instructions that models a maxi off of another skirt already in your closet. I am looking for fabrics to try this out, let me know if you decide to try it!


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