Oh happy at home: DIY Terrariums

Terrarium 1 Terrarium 3 Terrarium 2
Image 1: http://handmadepride.tumblr.com/post/45283993247/click-here-for-more-handmade-goodness
Image 2: http://www.thebalconygardener.com/shop/terrariums/a-long-way-to-ride/
Image 3: http://abbeymckennasucculentdesigns.com/collections/
I love fresh-cut flowers as much as the next girl. But I also find it depressing to know that many flowers travel a long (and fossil-fuel burning!) distance only to wither and die in our apartment a week later. Hence, in an effort to breathe sustainable life into our home this spring, I have been exploring terrariums.
Terrariums are self-contained growing environments for plants. They are ideal for the home because they can be as big or as small as your space allows for, and they require little sunlight or maintenance once established. As most of you know that we recently downsized to a place with no backyard, terrariums are the perfect way to get our gardener fix, in miniature format!

Here are the results of our little terrarium-building experiment:

IMG_0362 IMG_0364 IMG_0363


1. Find a container. Clear glass is usually most suitable as it allows better sunlight access, but you can also use plastic- recycled pop bottles with the tops cut off make perfect terrarium containers!

2. Make sure your terrarium has a decent drainage system. Pots from gardening stores often have built-in drip trays, but if you’re working with glass, place stones/pebbles at the bottom of your jar so that your plants aren’t sitting in water. Stacking the stones about 1 inch should do.

3. Add plants and fill in with soil. You can select any number of plants for your terrarium, but try to find ones that need approximately the same amount of sunlight and water. Or, try to keep plants that need less water on a higher gradient so that the water drains to the ‘needier’ plants.

4. Follow plant care instructions written on the tags for your plants. Enjoy!

A full instructional on terrarium building can be found at the following the website:


Are you thinking about starting your own indoor garden, or have you already done so? If so, I would love to see your pictures and find out how it’s making your life a little greener- and happier. 🙂 Share away!

13 thoughts on “Oh happy at home: DIY Terrariums

  1. I have been meaning to do just that. I have alot of pretty glass , and pottery recepticles begging for greenery. Your post was the impetus I needed!. Thanks!
    XX. Elle @

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