Chartreuse shop feature: Valiant Bob

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I love what my friends Tyla and Lacy are up to with Valiant Bob, their line of eco-friendly and updated vintage garments for men and women. Beginning with a desire to create the perfect organic cotton t-shirt, their business venture blossomed into work with vintage patterns. Together, they hunt through thrift stores to find tablecloths and other fabrics that are upcycled into the most beautiful peasant dresses, skirts and tops. Each item is crafted by hand, right here in Canada. From design to production, Valiant Bob is promoting standards of ethical and sustainable fashion. Plus, their clothing is just really pretty and carefree!

My personal favourite is this little floral elastic miniskirt. It has such a vibrant and whimsical pattern that I find irresistible!

Valiant Bob 5

If you’re looking to support a Canadian retailer that makes local, sustainable and earth-friendly clothing, look no further! Support my friends by checking out their website ( and by purchasing an item from their Etsy shop ( And if you’re in Toronto, they are also at the Arts Market ( at 846 College St. in Little Italy.

7 thoughts on “Chartreuse shop feature: Valiant Bob

    • Thanks for the support Alena! You should definitely visit the Arts Market, where you’ll find Valiant Bob and a whole bunch more awesome retailers! Best part is it’s available year-round ;).

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