Oh happy trend feature: The Lace Short

Lace Shorts 1 Lace Shorts 2

Lace Shorts 3 Lace Shorts 4


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With shorts season finally upon us in Vancouver, I am inspired by the array of options for dressing up the classically casual summer standby. The lace short is a particularly graceful way to face the heat without ‘losing your cool’ (haha). Whether layered to look like ruffles, scalloped along the seam, or dyed in a bright summery hue, lace shorts add sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit. I love them because you can just pair them with a chambray denim top and leather sandals and you’re good to go!


In my thrift store hunts, I’ve found that the lace short is pretty difficult to source secondhand. If you’re like me, you might also have a hard time in general finding shorts that are just the right fit. But don’t lose hope! With a bit a tweaking, it’s possible to get the look without resorting to a brand-new purchase.


Lace Shorts 5

Start with a pair of shorts already in your closet that fit well, but could use a bit of updating (think: shorts with paint or grass stains!). You could also hunt for a thrifted pair, which might be easier than looking for lace ones. Shorts that work best for this idea:

  • Are fitted but not too tight (since the lace likely won’t have as much stretch at the short and you don’t want it to rip).
  • Have a side/back zipper instead of a front one. This makes your sewing process a lot simpler.
  • Are not cuffed/don’t already have added textural details- again this will interfere with the lace laying flat.

Next, head to a fabric/craft store to find some lace that can be sown ontop of your shorts. I would look for wide lace trim that can be layered to give the ruffled effect. You could also get creative and thrift the lace out of some old tablecloths or curtains.

Then, beginning at the waist, use a sewing machine to sew along the straight edge of the lace trim, leaving the scalloped edge loose. You can choose to do the whole short, or just the front. Once your first layer is complete, place the next layer just under the first so that there is about an inch of overlap. Pin the first layer out of the way, then sew the second layer. Continue until you reach the bottom of the short. Don’t worry if the last layer ends below the natural seam-line of the short, as this will add to the effect.

I definitely plan on trying this little DIY. It makes me happy to know that, when finished, my shorts will be a one-of-a-kind piece AND I will have used very little new material to make them. Stay tuned for results 🙂

What do you think? Will you try this DIY for yourself?

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