Chartreuse shop feature: Block Shop Textiles

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I was so happy to stumble upon Block Shop Textiles during one of my recent blog-hopping-geek marathons at the computer. Block Shop is a textile manufacturer founded by sisters Lily and Hopie, who partner with the Chihpa family of Master Printers in Bagru, India to produce the most lovely, hand block-printed scarves.

I love Block Shop‘s scarves because they are not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. Only non-toxic natural dyes (such as onion skins, turmeric and pomegranate skins!) are used in the printing process. The scarf fabric is a blend of locally-sourced silk and cotton, not synthetic material. The scarf-making process is also guided by hand, not machines, utilizing simple techniques such as boiling and sun-drying. Each scarf truly is an artisanal- and sustainable- work of art!

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Block Shop‘s approach to making scarves is also ethically conscious. Block-printing is an ancient textile tradition that has been enabled to continue through Block Shop‘s business design, but Lily and Hopie have taken their commitment to Bagru a step further by giving back to the community. A portion of the sales from each scarf helps to fund a mobile eye care clinic in the region.

To learn more about the process and to support Block Shop’s initiative by buying one of their scarves, visit

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