Chartreuse Shop Special: Blue Owl Home Boutique

blue owl 4 Blue Owlblue owl 2 blue owl 5

Some of my readers know that since last summer, I have been working part-time at an antique shop in Vancouver. Over its last three years of business, Blue Owl Home Boutique established itself as one of the best spots in the city to find one-of-a-kind vintage and hand-picked  pieces for the home. The shop’s owner Amanda has a deep appreciation for heritage and a talent for curating an aesthetic that is at once nostalgic and whimsical. Although most of the items at Blue Owl are genuine antiques, her careful selection somehow made these ‘old’ pieces become new again.

Recently, Amanda and her family announced that they will be moving on, and Blue Owl will be closing its doors for good in one month’s time. Although the store will be no more soon enough, I wanted to write a special feature on this shop to highlight its ‘chartreuse-ness’ and to encourage you all to visit while you still can.

Working at Blue Owl meant so much to me, not only because I was surrounded by beautiful and inspiring pieces, but because being there allowed me to share my passion for repurposed and reused home style with others. I had many a conversation with shoppers about the beauty of investing in furniture with a history. Antiques are usually better crafted than the mass-produced furniture of today, and of course, they are easier on the environment. Call me romantic, but I also like to imagine the lives of those who owned a piece before me and the kind of value it must have held for them.

I’d like to congratulate my dear friend Amanda on this very chartreuse business venture and I wish her and her family well as they move on to bigger and better things. And if you’re reading this, you live in Vancouver, and you’ve never been to Blue Owl, check it out ASAP!!!

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