About oh happy chartreuse

Welcome to my little blog! 

I created this site because I wanted to share about my favourite things- personal and home style inspiration, tools for environmental and ethical living, and everything in between – in one cozy little corner! All too often, style is dismissed as a superficial preoccupation of the vapid. But I believe that style can be an outward expression of happy living and that, by incorporating an ethical conscience in style, we are saying yes to the most happy and fulfilling life.

Do you feel the same way? Then join me in this blogging experiment!

What kinds of stuff will I write about on this blog?

  • Oh happy trend feature: this is where I will discuss a fashion trend that interests me, and how to achieve it in a chartreuse manner, including suggestions for thrifting and re-working it to be your own, green, one-of-a-kind fashion piece!
  • Oh happy at home: I like to express my personal style in home decorating, and I often get together with friends to work on simple home projects, using reclaimed or repurposed items. I also like to share them with you!
  • Chartreuse shop feature: I find there aren’t enough companies out there doing business the way I would like them to, so when I find a goodie, I like to spread the word. Here I will feature a shop and explain why I think they are doing good work.
  • Other cool stuff: in the news, campaigns, and all manner of good happy living stuff.

P.S. Chartreuse is the french name for that pretty colour that sits in between yellow and green. I named my blog after it because it evokes all kinds of happy feelings for me, it is tremendously stylish, and it is a sophisticated way to ‘do green’ (which I feel reflects upon some of the ideas I hope to share in this blog). 🙂




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